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Service process

remote customer order flow
1, first of all you through business advisory QQ or phone contact our staff.
2, and then determine the sets and shooting
3, then pay a deposit, you can play directly through the Bank.
4. deposit, and you can also pay via PayPal,
5, our finance staff to confirm the deposit received, orders will be passed on to you by fax or sent to you via QQ.
Our Studio work flow
In order to make our new and old customers and friends to more fully understand our Studio workflow, announces the following:
First, contact our customer service for online advice, appointments for door-to-door or telephone booking in advance so that we arrange it for you, so as to avoid more people for the delay time.
Second, door-to-door order, determine the specific date, scheduled 30% is required for reservation deposit. Shooting we will have specialized staff to contact you by phone the day before, remind you of the notes of the second day of shooting, shooting that day have to pay the remaining balance required cash payments!
Three, on the shooting date was rescheduled to the following two conditions: a if the customer itself postponed for at least 10 days in advance call us, agreed after the change of date. B weather, affect the shot can be taken as a model for the day of bad weather Interior, exterior postponed filming.
Four, look like, that the selection of the books and making enlargements. See samples dated within 10 days after the shooting. When you look like you may need to modify your photos require late-design style and like to tell the staff look like they will seriously take dictation Oh ~
Five, design Edition, dated look like three weeks after (because we are not a set of templates, so long, OH), if necessary changes from our designers to consult together, to guarantee your satisfaction with the results.
Six, production. Within 20 working days after confirmation of the design, then our staff will call you collect.
VII above, the normal pickup date is 48 days, if you need an urgent customer before shooting to tell of our staff, so that we can make recording and arrangement, Express: no extra charge.