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Chuangye Road generation couples wedding photography

2006 graduated from graduated from Hubei Institute of light industry photography Professional dragons and small (a pseudonym), and failing to find work in the case, decides to photography to make a living in Shanghai, had seemingly impulsive thoughts confirmed that their behavior is not thoughtless acts. Self-made dragons and small, is already a local wedding photography studio is very famous in local small business owners, according to local customers, customers are satisfied with their photography skills.
Drake home in Hubei Province, when they graduated in 2006, he and a number of university graduates, looking for a job. He has been to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places, because there is no work experience, not accepting him, after a number of wall, he conceived the notion of self-employment. And when his ideas after his parents say, the parents are farmers support on his ideas, raise 60,000 yuan of money to him. Little dragon with the heavy 60,000 yuan to the island city began his entrepreneurial journey.
First Drake and small items to be positioned in the Pet photography, because pet photography in Qingdao is a blank. After you determine the target, they rented a room at the Marina garden, the annual rent of 45,000, is that they see the Pet photography market, made them half a year out of more than 20,000. Drake said, "Beijing, Shanghai market Pet photography is very good, but is not as good as I thought of Qingdao, six months will do two live, is worried about the dead. "After the found location, Drake and small transformation to the thought, in May 2007, they moved to the Taitung location go to wedding photography.
Dragons and little to the original 70,000 yuan to less than 30,000, they go home and raise some money, Taitung's contemporary store rented a House more than 40 square meters. Never experience in wedding photography they fumbled, they bought 5 dress, found two models a set of samples when they send the sample to the wedding photography Forum beyond, random, natural style hits have soared. "Thousands of hits for the day, and immediately became the hot post of the Forum, Ka Photography Studio is a celebrity. "Drake recalled, with the increase of traffic, shoppers flock to the smell of" post ". Drake said: "my first guest is from Beijing, they are after seeing samples online. I was delighted, after taking my guests ate dinner, and finally, this I made a profit of less than 1000 Yuan. "
About tips on successful three-
Web communications and friend Sun Jibing is key to their success. Interview the same day, the couple was to photograph from Shenyang and Shanghai, two sets of customers. Drake said "I now have friends all over the world, places like Beijing, Shanghai and Xinjiang, many customers are attracted, many customers finished shooting and we became friends. "Joe from Shanghai, said:" we like sea in Qingdao, and Ka Sun photographer, Studio Photography, so I came by plane. "
"In 2008, our net profit of about 200,000, is expected to reach about 250,000 this year. "Small wedding photography studio is nothing to create so much profit? When a reporter asked about this, Drake made three successful trick: "positioning, technology base, information is also very important. "
In front of Drake and his wife was not satisfied with the status quo, they want even stronger for the development of this wedding photography Studio. And they encourage young people to a lot of businesses, social policy is so good, if we can find suitable for their own. I believe we will be the road to success. BACK