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Huge wedding market opportunities particularly in the wedding photography

Wedding consumption up to 300 billion yuan a year in China, Shanghai also has 20 billion yuan. Wedding industry led to the diet, wedding dresses, wedding cars, flowers, gifts, ceremonies and other consumption of hot wedding photography on top of them.
Wedding photography profitable
Wedding photography photography is a necessary procedure before walking down the red carpet. First party, the new big spenders, willing to spend money, wedding photographers market thriving, wedding dress prices rose momentum. Shanghai photographers or companies have more than more than more than 3,000 each year, at a rate of 1000, according to the capacity of the market, there is still room for venture and remain profitable.
It is understood that the entry threshold of wedding photography is not high, the investment of about 100,000 Yuan will be open for business, this type of investment for entrepreneurs is difficult and the pressure is not too large. Key is to be creative and a skilled photographer and familiar with the market and marketing business. Both, we will be able to open up the market, cutting a wedding cake.
Wedding flowers are very popular
Yuntai road flower market flower shop owner says, usually flowers sold only about 45% 30% to store profits, and wedding flowers in terms of volume and profit margins are relatively large. Because new people when choosing a bouquet, flowers are often the most concerned with style and charm of factors normally don't haggle on the price, as long as the content is willing to pay. If the said entity florist requires an investment, so shop online is not only less investment, and very convenient. Du sees margins for wedding flowers, simply opened a garden on the Web, with a total investment amount of only 10,000 yuan.
New hair money's best
In the hair and beauty industry, the owner is probably the most hospitality, the bride and groom, who will not be a question of money for this bargain with their employers, paid taste wonderful. Weeks Mr hair already has more than 10 years, according to him, a set of bride and groom full ordinary hair work generally between 400 Yuan to 500 Yuan, while most of the bride and groom requested to provide full premium salon, charges up to 1000 Yuan. A lot of high expectations for the bride, often started a week ago, hair care, and do some body work, so that the entire cost of around 1500. Weeks per month the business at least 15 per cent, experienced wedding season, to receive at least 5 couples per day. New hairdressing and accounted for more than 80% of the entire business and revenues. In industry terms, most readily paying the life time of the people, that is when she finished her new hair. Therefore, many more than 80% hairdressing agency established to assist new salon professional services, the amount of their investment can be small or large, higher profit margins than the average Salon 40%.
Creative wedding favor
Creative and unique wedding couples of all ages. Many savvy operators see this business opportunity, innovation, new forms of wedding has its debut. Many wedding company offering candlelight weddings, wedding Villa, a hot-air balloon wedding, wedding in the air, under water, desert wedding, Lily weddings, yacht weddings, a lawn wedding, church wedding, unique and innovative. Traditional Chinese wedding held recently in fashion, many new large sedan like festive wedding.
Also, for the wedding market, transnational marriage is also a gold to be mined. In big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong held more and more transnational marriage, wedding style is Western. Multinational wedding, more willing to comply with Chinese wedding customs of foreigners, they have great interest in Chinese-style clothing, red cover, sedan, which is also the wedding market opportunities that can be developed. Marry wedding master of ceremonies is in short supply hot MC business is surprisingly good, manpower shortage phenomenon in a wedding company. Therefore, in addition to the part-time master of ceremonies outside the busy, the Director, actors, teachers, tour guides, salesmen, students also do part-time master of ceremonies. Whether it is business or part time, wedding master of ceremonies returns will be very profitable. At present, Shanghai has more than 1000 participants from all walks of the wedding, such as financial officers, television presenters, teachers and professional actors, among them, about 500 MC with accreditation.
Be a good MC, must obtain a vocational qualification, starting from December 2005, Shanghai Association of wedding with wedding professional certification, they will ban ceremonies every year training course. Whether it is business or part time, should first be qualified, get into the market of "golden key. "The groomsmen bridesmaids soaring demand in terms of wedding chain, groomsmen bridesmaids was set off, dress up the couple, helping newcomers to socialize through one of the important nodes. Due to widespread demand, a large quantity, groomsmen bridesmaids gap is very large.
Some wedding companies are eyeing the market neutral, timely introduction best man wedding service. Bridal party mainly constituted by two parts, part wedding ritual transformation part-time, part public relations etiquette school or part-time college students, professional groomsmen bridesmaids into 680 Yuan/field, 800 Yuan/field and 1200/per session three gears. Specialty groomsmen bridesmaids 3000 ~4000 RMB a month average. Part-time bridesmaid groomsman will be 200 Yuan fixed income of ~300 yuan. If you meet new generous wealthy, send groomsmen bridesmaids red envelope, have the potential to earn thousands of Yuan at a time. BACK