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Requirements for wedding photography studio photographers

Wedding Photography Studio can produce both personality and nice photos, mainly because of the efforts of the photographers, photographer, coupled with new scenes made a beautiful picture, then in the wedding photo studio how to choose the right photographer for you?
1. because wedding photography is very high, because the master of the moment was very important. Wedding is not repetitive, can't ask for it again, which is much higher than the filming requirements. Some photographers are very good, but he doesn't know a lot about the wedding photography business, photography, silos, not very good wedding. Prior, understanding of the wedding process, use a lot of trap technique, at predictable moments waiting for, grab the truth.
2. have experience in graphic design, took time to consider the suitability of the composition of the making of the album.
3. be passionate about fashion, be good at communication and newcomer, the photographer does not matter as he grew older, but as their own creations to make wedding, rather than just to make money, so you'll have a lot of good work.
4. other people's cameras also don't use, familiarize yourself with the camera, would not scrambling.
5. must rest the day before, wedding photography is a physical work, jump up and down ten hours a day, poor body can't resist.
Last, shooting the wedding of the couple know that Pat is most of the day, while the newcomers will be very busy for the wedding, time is tight, and in such a short time to make a different, really hard! If communication is not sufficient, scripts not well planned, the photographer and the couple will not end, it is easy to take into account. BACK