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Romantic features: many people want to be married to Guam, wedding chapel, beautiful explosions, local incorporation is recognized, and wholly to local travel and etiquette of company operations, and very professional. Most resort hotels in Guam's Tumon Bay, there are more than more than 10 specially designed for wedding chapels, each Church mixed style, but they all have one thing in common, is the large glass building, the couple were looking at salute the great ocean view, become memories to last a lifetime. St. Probus Holy Chapel Crystal and the two most popular churches. General in Guam Church of wedding ceremony is such of: ceremony car will new from Hotel received to church, then in organ and piano of accompaniment sound in the, male soprano sing with fun of songs, then Pastor married, new said "I do" (I willing to), whole process but 40 minutes, but even no relatives scene, many new will for romantic of wedding atmosphere and moved tears.
Money saving tips: General by the Guam, local travel and wedding etiquette provides 5 days 3 night package equivalent to about 20,000 yuan, including hotels, full video as well as limo and wedding everything but food costs in the process. However, to save money, the best way is to book the airline package, local travel company arranges the marriage ceremony or etiquette. It is understood that the United States Continental Airlines have often pushed offers machine + wine packages in the off-season, previously also had a low HK $ 3590 one package, most likely the overall budgetary control in less than 20,000 yuan.
Information: Guam Tourist Bureau Web site can be found on the legal agent in the local wedding-related travel and etiquette were recommended. But the difficulty is to obtain United States visas, plus the United States marriage have the legal documents, and must be in English, so they remember to prepare early.
2, Korea Seoul Photo
Romantic features: Korea-style wedding is similar to our traditional wedding, and filled with exotic features. In Korea, young people these days like a traditional wedding. Wedding day, the bride and groom each wear traditional dress, in a hotel or specializing in authentic Korean style Korea hut Yuan after saluting, Ming vows to heaven and Earth become a couple, drinks handed drinks complete the rite. Followed by the bride to the groom's family money, then the parents of the groom will throw dates and chestnuts, up to the early birth of a child and a happy life of blessing. As tourists, even if it's just two men to Korea married also to have authentic Korean-style private housing estates or traditional Korean restaurant wedding.
Money saving tips: why Korea? Only one answer, it is the exchange rate low! At present, Korea wedding costs have been lower than two years ago, 30%~50%, fits on a budget and want to get married young. Many people have a misunderstanding in the past, that Korea is not free, according to reporter to Korea Tourism Bureau Office in Guangzhou to understand, in fact, can the victim apply for individual tourist visas to Chinese tourists Korea Tourism. In addition, airlines such as Asiana Airlines will soon launch the free package 3 days 2 nights, although prices were not finalized, but is said to be very favorable.
Information: in Seoul or visit Sungkyunkwan URIM Korean wedding wedding chapel or Korea House, two local Chinese telephone counseling services are provided. In addition, there are some private housing estates also provide a venue for everyone to experience Korean culture and traditional Korean wedding. On can Korea Tourism Organization website in Chinese.

Features: a memorable wedding doesn't have to be rushed to the beach resorts of the seabed, in the city's Aquarium, could hold such an unforgettable under water. Shanghai Changfeng ocean world there's a Church under water, the bride and groom dresses are beautiful diving suit, senior instructor made a groomsmen bridesmaids. New people after a senior instructor one-on-one after the detailed explanation and guidance, basic dive skills and knowledge, through training can be started under water after diving. Underwater Church is different, 2.2 million liter tanks, sharks, sea turtles and colorful species of marine life such as coral wedding witness and blessing to you.
Money saving tips: Shanghai Aquarium underwater wedding price only contains water during the wedding service, but if you want to save money, and even wedding price marriage the province of night, Aquarium overnight. It is understood that the Shanghai Changfeng ocean world overnight Aquarium activity, just bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, you can overnight with marine life. But the project takes 15 people into a group, costs 200 yuan/person for adults, advance reservation is required.
Information: it is understood that other than the bride and groom, there are 20 family guests free entry to Aquarium visit the underwater wedding, underwater Church 2800 wedding packages offer all diving equipment, after the ceremony the bride and groom will have a diving certificate. To organize the wedding be booked two weeks in advance.
Features: it is said that when asked how creative wedding, Star Leo Ku had thought deserted island wedding this resort, he hoped that the wedding can take place on a deserted island, both of them naked, just like Adam and Eve, all return to nature. Such a wedding idea is not very original, very funny? To achieve this aspiration, first to find an ideal desert island, Maldives honeymoon resort, nearly 2000 in only 202 Islands are inhabited and the rest are uninhabited islands, many tourists like to hire boats to the wasteland, to experience the freedom of the original style. After arriving at the island, new people as long as the agreed ship, in time transfer, then you can be on a desert island "do whatever they want." Privacy, Island Weddings can be held only two newcomers, might as well take off your clothes, and testify, water as a mirror, and made a vow. Can also offer family and friends on the island, if I get live, on the necessities of life on a desert island for a few days is not a bad idea.
Money saving tips: cost of Maldives have been low, but due to the impact of the financial tsunami, Maldives, the sharp decline in Europe and a number of local, local travel costs dropped by at least 30%, moreover, May-July is the traditional low season, an airline accommodations are more likely to get low prices. Plus if it is truly desert island wedding, you can also save the price of hotel accommodation on the island, two birds with one stone.
Information: Maldives Hotels are offering short-term travel service to guests, usually a half day to 3 days hotel provides guests with shuttle vessels, who wish to travel to a deserted island, the hotel also offers guests corresponding to recommendations, and help prepare for the required items on the island, very intimate.
5, badain jaran desert of Inner Mongolia
Features: in the desert hinterland weddings, special enough? Badain jaran desert is located in ALXA League of Inner Mongolia, known as the "most beautiful deserts in China." Wedding is a unique desert experience, let alone the wedding process, look to drive five hours to travel to destination weddings--desert hundreds of kilometres of the Lake of happiness--snow day, know this wedding is not every couple can do. About a sport utility vehicle, invite a colleague's friends and family, or simply with local hikers to travel together. Bonfire lit at night, witness made a sweet pledge in public, sang along. After the ceremony, head Lake-sandy, associating with the Moon and stars, listening to the sound of the wind.
Money saving tips: access to a desert riding jeeps, four men in a car is the cheapest fare is about 300 yuan per person, along with the stop, see the beauty you can visit. Accommodation in local provinces, the best way is to bring your own tent, but fear of the night wind, or staying local herdsman's hut, experienced Mongolia grassland the rich dinner and cabaret.
Information: July or August is the ideal season to discover the badain jaran desert, with an average temperature of 20 c, sand is very small. From Guangzhou by plane to XI ' an, interchange T1067 train in Jinchang, at 18:10, 9:30 A.M. arrived the next day. Then booked in Jinchang jeeps across the desert.
6, Viet Nam, Ho Chi Minh City
Romantic features: Viet Nam everyone knows low consumption, it can also result in significant cost savings for local wedding, but you can also enjoy the romance of Paris. Let me explain. In Ho Chi Minh City in the local red brick building of Notre-Dame (Nha Tho Duc Ba Sai Gon) wedding, this Notre Dame and Notre Dame building is very similar, apart from the door arch is different from other than there are two soars into the Sky Tower. At Notre Dame, Western-style wedding can make an appointment, the wedding process is pretty much the same, first take the coach from the hotel into the elaborate Church by Pastor presided over the wedding.
Money saving tips: marriage wedding cost, and food and accommodation costs, food and accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City is also very cheap, but you can also enjoy the good quality of the hotel and restaurant food. If you want to Tag Heuer, Park Hyatt, Sofitel, the five-star hotel, the price is just $ 100 a night, especially Sofitel Riverside open, oversized bathtub can even pair, while the rooms at the new hotel will also offer champagne, flowers, chocolates, and extravagant. Hong Kong Cathay Pacific holidays currently have released 3 days 2 night free package, including return air ticket to Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, and Sofitel Hotels, each $ 3999. If you want to reduce the budget, can stay at $ 35 a night at the new Majestic Hotel, located in the Saigon River, is the transformation of old buildings, very French style. In addition, in Ho Chi Minh City, can also be used in price of less than one-third to taste the best of Paris France cuisine, recommended Au Manoir de Khai, lobster soup, salmon and seafood produced the band is very good, however a $ 50 meal ~100 of dollars spent two.
Information: just ready to Viet Nam the documents required for visa, you can collect in a week Viet Nam once a month entry visa. Ho Chi Minh City Airport can take a taxi to the hotel, but be sure to bargain fare equivalent to around 40 Yuan of the airport to the city. BACK