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Wedding of the young consumer orientation in wedding photography Studio

Today is a national holiday, wedding season is coming. Downtown luxury hotel wedding, wedding costume jewellery sales demand, wedding photography studio filming schedule also full. Compared with previous years, retro wedding market quietly blows this year, personality style, new dress, wedding photography options are more personalized.
Popular retro dress this year, many brides consider cheongsam can use, but also as a souvenir, encountered formal occasions can also replace the little dresses, more practical than a wedding. Custom-made wedding a few years ago all the rage, this year has gone. As the fashion catwalk vintage vogue this year, saved, used stronger luxury qipao also favored by the bride-to-be. Festive red dress is very popular. General price was 200~1500 million. Dress the wearer high figure, the bride also specifically shopping for a matching high heels with Red satin shoes, make yourself appear slim at the wedding. Many brides will choose to heel more than 7 cm pointed high heel shoes, was also specified to be 10 cm above the super high heel styles.
Young groom dress "Randy"
Since September, men's suits, shirts, ties and suits to tempt, counter who sells suits can sell every one or two sets, suit sales in previous months has increased by approximately 20%. The price, of the prospective bridegroom are generally favored for sale at 2000~3000 mid-range suit, select a style more fashionable, two-button design, more form-fitting cropped more popular with them.
Men's wedding dress change slightly, but the groom are more stylish than usual this year, became their preferred color shirt. Past the wedding the groom usually wear traditional dark suit, white shirt, and then with a red tie, varies less. Now by many popular new colors such as silver-gray suit, suit-wearing pink, blue or lavender shirt, and bright tie of the match again with a silky effect, is full of vitality. BACK