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Double model
Double pictures often encountered in wedding photography, relative to single photo, double beauty modeling photos more diverse. It not only has a single character's body, line, people change of expression, as well as exchanges between the characters, when laying double beauty, don't forget God, ECHO and changing between the two men. Making a double wedding should pay attention to the following aspects:
A, double beauty in shape to take the blocks to each other when changing from human body structure. Human separately Department, and chest, and hip three General block, in research double people beauty attitude styling Shi we will two people of body block into two group body block to research, General was photo who relative camera has six species basic structure combination: female en male sideways, and female half sideways Shun male half sideways, and female half sideways on male half sideways, and male sideways female sideways, and male en female en, and male back body female back body. In these six fundamental group can be broken down further fine-tuned on the basis of endless beauty styling.
Note b, double beauty modeling screen lines changing lines in the picture has a different meaning, such as: line gives the feeling of being upright, vigorous, fit male beauty. Curve gives gentle, quiet charm, suitable for beautiful environment or tenderness of feminine beauty. Slash has a dynamic, if seldom slash in the screen. Less dynamic, slash, the entire dynamic of the picture becomes very strong. Diagonal tilt is not very large, dynamic becomes relaxed.
2 seated portrait, wedding photography
Seated portrait standing man limitation, but can sit a graceful curve, also help to eliminate the anxiety of subjects. Sitting in with the camera at a 45-degree angle to a sitting position as a benchmark, divide into oblique lateral seat, back seat and side back seat three. More than down the angle of torso to distinguish, they could be divided into a right angle sitting, obtuse and acute angle posture being seated, if placed style subdivision with legs crossed, can be divided into thighs, both hand and leg. While shooting seated portrait should pay attention to the following aspects:
A posture of portraits for a static expression, expression of subjects should be restrained, containing animals.
B, on the subjects of joints is a key part. Under normal circumstances. Positive posture photos is seldom used, because the knee rushed to the scene, and legs is short and awkward.
C, seated portrait of spinal process is also very important, because sitting portrait of emotions written on the back, especially when the photography side away from the sitting position and turn around and sitting posture, high spirits, when full, spine is cocked. When we are feeling bad, spine will dramatically curl up and bending of the spine just slightly under normal state of mind, so when the subjects sat down, photographers to remind him not to sit too solid, the virtual virtual ground, no on the back of the Chair to the back, note that backbone to support the upper body.
D, like being seated not in shape, generally not selecting baggy clothing, in order to better reflect the body curves and limbs of lines, it is best for customers to wear tight clothing.
E, when the strike sitting pose, first look for the most appropriate body proportions from the lens. Only normal, visual experience will be comfortable. Line of smooth full is sitting styling processing in the of a not ignored of problem, sat with of posture often will makes extends in the of figure curve interrupted, sitting in the of line easy is lock broken, and messy, but sitting can more calmly to show upper body body of styling advantage, can full to using upper body of outside side round Gallery features curve to displayed shape, plus limbs of coordination tie, will can formed more full smooth of body curve, in processing body bare parts, as arms, and waist abdominal, and thigh, at Shi, Do not reveal flesh distortions caused by the rotational extrusion lines.
3 standing portrait, wedding photography
Posture is the most common attitude of portrait photography, standing like to fully show body lines, beauty, posture much more freedom. Pose posture one should pay attention to the following points:
A, the subjects of which stood straight, cross or other leg free lift up slightly, stand the legs do not bend, lift a leg to keep the body flat and constant. Set the leg is placed well above the body part of the premise.
B, shot in the head, chest, hips are generally not in a straight line. Thread forming curves or s line of the body.
C, head, chest, hips, forming blocks of flat should normally not be a plane. Example: chest piece when forward, to the side of the face, such as: chest lateral hip turn positive to positive.
D, a general swing posture requires from the foot to put on.
4, beauty style consistent with the facial expressions of the characters and environment
Sitter in the portrait photography conveyed and the art space in which people are interrelated. Sitter environment different beauty styling is different. For example when the sitter in a warm environment, the gestures of the characters appearance to soft. Table taken when characters in a warm environment, the beauty of the characters some styling to bold.
In portrait photography, subjects gesture shapes and other design elements in the picture is a complete whole, screen design elements to any of the changes will affect the sitter's beauty look. Photographs must not be separated from the subject of actual situation and their environment to study beauty styling. BACK