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Wedding Photography Studio out of the magic illusion

Wedding Photography Studio shoot photos of subverting a beautiful example of traditional wedding photography, my husband and my interpretation of a "Pandora's box".
Our story seemed to open a magical "magic box", the magic ... ...
Wait, meet, meet, anticipation, love, friend, I am wonderful ... ...
Dear, though I like the little "Bully" you, but you already knew I already is you emotionally loyal "slaves" ... ...
I guess it must be magic "magic box," reiterated the magic of magic we so love ... ...
When you said we would love for life, and you find that is about to burst into tears in my eyes do?
Honey, want to hold hands with you, and son, magical "magic box" magic go ... ...
Dear JMS, my magic wedding photography studio out of the illusion I was attracted to, and we hope to share my happiness and joy, blessing and blessed is happy, I wish happiness for all of us.

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