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Wedding photography studio shot sweet moments

Wedding photography is the most happy, a form of photography, wedding photography studio shot to catch the couple when sweet moments, whether shooting interiors or exterior new people exude beatific expression, intentionally or unintentionally, wedding photography Studio should seize these moments as a newcomer brings eternal.
When shooting on the couple's faces will have a lot of facial expressions and interesting manner of fleeting. As the photographer, should be based on realities on the ground, without affecting the main subject is the bride and groom's case, to do the whole six, ears, heart hand, snap, snap these interesting shots.
In addition, as a character-rich facial expressions, newcomer whispering sweet and lively image of bride and groom some of the "action", when gifts of close-up, wedding photography Studio can be taken.
These lenses should be based on close-range photogrammetry and features, even the big close-ups. As two more newcomers see a showy flowers, bride exclaimed, hand-picking, but flower pricked my finger, love caught the bride and groom's hands, open your mouth and suck and retracting the finger of the bride blushing, turned to the side, and so on.
During the filming of a big occasion, lighted cigarette on the front of the camera, may produce some smoke. Lens changes to mimic human motion, because people will not push to pull like a lens to the eye. Zoom can cause abnormalities of visual experience. Very fast and very slow zoom speed in relatively more suitable for human vision. In specific shooting, by the subject moved, lens zoom to provide motivation. Lens zoom and move the camera so that the camera produces action hide zoom action, catch the feeling, the highest point in looking for wedding. BACK